My Blog

After I lost Konnor so suddenly when he was just eight years young I was in such emotional and psychological pain I wasn’t sure I could ever recover. I felt very much alone and isolated in my grief, my world was dark. I had no direction, I was lost in grief.

After months of deep anguish and suffering, not knowing where to go after such a devastating loss, I decided to take my thoughts and feelings from deep within and release them somehow. The only way I knew was to type them out. Let my fingers be my voice.

I had joined a few grief groups through Facebook and I found so many of us were suffering and yet we found comfort and strength in each other. Stories were shared, empathy and understanding evident. It was after witnessing this sharing of grief that I decided to start a blog.

With this decision to release my feelings I also felt it was important to share my experience of the emotional support offered to me and what I felt was lack of support by others. After all, grief has many faces and many emotions and personalities and it is here that we find out who we are and those we only thought we knew.

I want to share this with others who may have gone through a similar grief experience and felt alone and without direction.

It is with this blog that I hope to help others in sharing my heartbreaking loss, my hope for healing and the great love we share with the loss of a loved one by those of us left to carry on.

I pray it brings us peace.