For Konnor Mason

Welcome to my blog. I am a mother of four, grandmother of seven and a nurse. November 22, 2015 my world was devastated by the loss of my first grandson Konnor Mason Schilling when he was just eight years young. He passed away of a gastric perforation caused by a very rare stomach bacteria, quite uncommon in a child.

I believe in my heart he knows how much he is loved and how much he is missed here on earth by his family. We, as his family have felt so much anguish with his passing. I know I have struggled very hard to cope with his loss. The emotions I experienced could not be contained.

I write for Konnor. An outpouring of my love and of my soul. With my heart broken and exposed, I hope to express my struggle to move forward in grief. The journey to again find joy amid sadness. Above all, I want Konnor to know that underneath all the suffering is undying love.

I hope to make Konnor proud.