I think of You

When my mind begins to wake even before my eyes have a chance to glimpse the morning light, I think of you.

When I’m driving in my car music gently playing to soothe my aching heart, I think of you.

While I am shopping, although I know you’re no longer here with me physically, I always stop in the toy aisle just to search for toys that remind me of you.

When I’m staring blindly at the television not really listening, not really watching because I am thinking of you.

When I keep buying books because I used to love to read. Wanting to love it again but I can’t focus, the words are just moving around in my brain because I’m thinking of you.

When I see Grandsons with their Grandmothers holding hands, the lump in my throat makes it hard to swallow as I hurry past them so as not to cry because I think of you.

When I hear the name Konnor, no matter how old the child, I always turn to look as I feel a stab to my heart because I think of you.

Whether the wind is warm or with the icy chill of a winter’s breeze I sometimes close my eyes and wish it could carry the sound of your distinctive laugh that brought me so much happiness as I think of you.

When no proof exists, I know deep within me that you are aware that I am thinking of you.

As Tuesday November 22nd marks one year that we lost our beloved Konnor Mason it will be no different for us than any other day that has past these 365 days. We think of him on a daily basis, miss him every single day.

My struggle with Konnor’s loss has led me to reflect on my life and where I am going from here. I fully understand why grieving people take their energy and place it into a cause to help others in similar circumstances surrounding their loved ones death. They do it for them, the soul that has passed.  To keep their name alive, to never forget they existed.

Konnor passed away from a gastric perforation, rare in an eight year old child. His pediatrician was devastated by Konnor’s passing as there was no warning signs. It was sudden and fatal.  My sister reached out to an associate in the CDC to assess whether research was in place on certain bacteria that may have caused this perforation, there was none.

With  Konnor’s death being so devastating, I learned the value of having coping mechanisms and support systems, this is so critical in the grieving process. I decided to look into the process to become a grief counselor. I hold a Bachelor degree in Nursing, my hope is I may transition easily. Money is very tight for me presently so if that is not an option I will certainly volunteer my time to any grief groups I can find.

Losing someone you love is not only tragic but life changing.  I have come a long way this year in healing from my loss. The truth is, I don’t want to lose my daily thoughts of Konnor. I want him to have a purpose, a reason, a force in my life.

When I am dedicating my time assisting those that grieve I will be doing it with compassion and understanding because I have walked in this nightmare and lived to tell my story.

Konnor please know that it’s always because I think of you.

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Grieving Grandmother to Konnor Mason who passed suddenly at eight years old on November 22, 2015. With this blog I hope to share my thoughts and feelings as I move forward through grief toward hope and healing.

12 thoughts on “I think of You

  1. My cousin died in April 2016 after being ill from a terrible accident. My mom just spoke to her mom and she’s sick with a brokenew heart.
    My cousin was a 55 year old sunny ,smiling spitfire of a person.
    I think about her when I start feeling sorry for myself.
    I think about Konnor too even though I didn’t know him. I know he’s looking down at you all sending you rays of love and light to help you heal.


  2. On Nov 29th it will be the 28th anniversary of my son Cody’s passing. I miss him every single day. So sorry for your loss of Konnor.


  3. We lost our daughter march 30th after neinh brave an pulled five open heart surgeries 1 @3 wks last at age 20 the heart was strong the lungs couldnt continue
    We are thankful for 29 yrs
    Love an miss are dear Lisa


    1. My son had 3 open heart surgeries. First one at 6 months and last one at 6 years. He passed after that surgery. So Sorry for your loss.


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